The CREA³ Revolution 2022


The Alienish ONGO is coming soon on
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Alienish ONGO is an innovatively integrated 3-in-1 compact and foldable unipersonal vehicle; a scooter, backpack and working deck. This creation of ours enables busy minds to get work done while on the move; anywhere, anytime.

This Alinish ONGO scooter/backpack is designed in such a way that it will be lightweight, foldable and can be carried along in the backpack as another option. Suitable for travel, the scooter can be used on airports and it will have options to use it whilst standing or sitting. Installed with a GPS module, if it so happens that you lose or misplace your scooter, a mobile application that comes with the set will allow you to find your scooter and/or bag.

Unipersonal Concept Smart Portable Vehicle

A smart gadget which will work as all-in-one; mobile office, unipersonal lightweight vehicle and compact backpack. The product will have a portable scooter connected with a backpack where you can put all your office gadgets like a laptop, tablet and phone, all of which you can operate on the go.


Ride With
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This hybrid concept vehicle will be a big and busy city’s option for short distance and private intercity travel when it’s ready to hit the road. The project is based on building an electric-hydrogen and combustion engine vehicle whose main pros are its body size and 72v/38amp light weight battery.

Boost Your Creativity

The concept car will have a high-power operation with a portable, and light weight battery system coupled with a free air circulation cooling system. This will be an electric-hydrogen fuel hybrid compact car. Small in size, the car will be able to navigate in the city’s small distance movements but not very suitable for long distance or intercity travels.

The Crea Team

Crea Cubed is a startup company founded by Ali Lazim run by a dedicated group of young and talent engineers who come up and run innovative ideas.

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Facely: The Smart Mask

In the fight against Covid–19, we have come up with a design and make of a smart mask which will not only protect against Covid-19, but also provide a range of smart functions which will come in handy for all people in different sectors The filter on the mask contains a new technology of Laser Induced Graphene(LIG)
This multipurpose mask provides a range of smart functions which will come in handy for all people. Designed with a filter using new technology of Laser Induced Graphene (LIG); which acts as a barrier to many bacteria and viruses, this mask will not only help during this pandemic but in different sectors as well.